Design Services

Looking for something?

If you are looking for something in particular or perhaps need a specific size of a print, let us know!  We can help find what you need and would be glad to print something to a custom size.

Need help deciding?

Send us a photo!  We can help decide what would be appropriate for your particular space.  It can be as easy as taping a piece of standard computer paper to your wall for scale and letting us size something for you.  Let us know what type of print would mean something personal to you.  Perhaps it is a historic photo of Charleston, a map of New York, or a collection of vintage boats.  We'll work with you to find something great for your walls.  Contact us at:

Business Packages

Need art for your business with a personal or local connection? Let us put together a package for you of historic photos or maps from your location or following your decorating theme.

Interior Designers

We can work with designers and your architectural drawings to help establish a game plan for a space.

Contact us!

Explain your project goals to us, and we will be back in touch with you soon!